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This Week with Henri Nouwen

Van GoghDesire is often talked about as something we ought to overcome.  Still, being is desiring:  our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our souls are full of desires.  Some are unruly, turbulent, and very distracting; some make us think deep thoughts and see great visions; some teach us how to love; and some keep us searching for God.   Our desire for God is the desire that should guide all other desires.  Otherwise our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls become one another’s enemies and our inner lives become chaotic, leading us to despair and self-destruction.

Spiritual discipline are not ways to eradicate all our desires but ways to order them so that they can serve one another and together serve God.

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  1. Glen Soderholm says:

    Real wisdom here. Ronald Rolheiser writes about this in the Holy Longing as well. He suggests that at root to be human is to desire, and where we direct out desire becomes our spirituality.

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