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Choice Blog Entries – Crises, Money, Sent

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Thoughts on the Financial Crises
Graham Tomlin author and principle of St. Paul’s Theological Centre which is a training centre that actually resides in the church, rather than an academic setting, shares with us in this post, how we as God people might respond to the financial crises.

Faith and Money: Control or Controlled?
Eugene Cho at Beauty and Depravity is doing a series on faith and money. This is his third entry on the topic. He links to the other two. Here he gives some thoughtful question about stewardship.

The Church as Sent: Five Important Thoughts from David Bosch
Todd Hiestand at Missional Living in Suburban America tells us that if you want to be legit as a missional church, you have to read this seminal work. Hiestand gives us five Boschism’s on how the church be be the church for the sake of the world. It’s a good read. Read it, be legit.

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