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This Week with Henri Nouwen – Many Faces

“The Church as the body of Christ has many faces. The Church prays and worships. It speaks words of instruction and healing, cleanses us from our sins, invites us to the table of the Lord, binds us together in a covenant of love, sends us out to minister, anoints us when we are sick or dying, and accompanies us in our search for meaning and our daily need for support. All these faces might not come to us from those we look up to as our leaders. But when we live our lives with a simple trust that Jesus comes to us in our Church, we will see the Church’s ministry in places and in faces where we least expect it.

If we truly love Jesus, Jesus will send us the people to give us what we most need. And they are our spiritual leaders.” – Henri Nouwen

3 Responses to This Week with Henri Nouwen – Many Faces

  1. hey jr, i tried to call you yesterday to meet up with you sometime today.
    i check my e-mail more than my phone while here, give me a shout, nathancolquhoun@gmail.com

    i can’t find an e-mail for you anywhere (so feel free to delete these comments after)

  2. sonja says:

    Hi jr,
    Thank u for sharing. I think this is such a true lesson for me
    to keep my eyes open daily.

  3. jrwoodward says:


    I look forward to connecting with you soon.


    I’m glad you enjoyed this entry. Thanks for your comment.

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