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Interesting News – Best Inventions, World Responds, Addiction, Photos

TIME’s Best Inventions of 2008
The top invention of 2008 is the Retail DNA test: “Learning and sharing your genetic secrets are at the heart of 23andMe’s controversial new service – a $399 saliva test that estimates your predisposition for more than 90 traits and conditions ranging from baldness to blindness. Although 23andMe isn’t the only company selling DNA tests to the public, it does the best job of making them accessible and affordable.” Find out about the other top inventions of 2008, according to Time Magazine.

The World Responds to Obama’s Win
In this bloomberg entry, you can read responses from leaders and people from Australia, France, Shanghai, London, Newspapers, The Pope and others.

Addition – Recovery Theories
Bloggers at knosha shared this series on addiction and recovery theories, stating, “There are widely divergent views on some of the techniques this author endorses, particularly “methadone treatment” and “controlled us.” He presents a broad and well-researched view of many of the contributing factors for, and issues surrounding addictive behavior.”

Reactions to Obama’s Win in Photos
Supporters of Barak Obama erupted in joy around the world, from the bars in London and Sydney to a sleepy village in Kenya, after his historic US election victory. Sixteen photos from the Telegraph.co.uk

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