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Called to be Priests and Prophets to Obama and Gang

Some friends and I met with other people in our city at Hollywood Billiards Sports Bar and Grill. At our particular location, people were so excited about Obama becoming the President elect. After McCain had given his speech, which I thought was extremely gracious, I kept my eye on one of the many TV sets in our room as well as on the faces of those gathered to watch and listen. I mostly saw tears of joy rolling down people’s faces as well as a sense of hope in people’s eyes. Cars driving down Hollywood Blvd are still honking their horns (at close to midnight pacific time).

One of the things that came to my mind as I was watching this historical moment was that we as the people of God, no matter which candidate we voted for (or if you elected not to vote), are called to be both priests and a prophets to those in government. As priests, we are called to pray for those who are in authority. When I visited Scot McKnight’s sight, I was thoroughly encouraged by his prayer for Obama. It is not only a must read, its a prayer we ought to pray for Obama and those who will serve with him. As prophets we are called to speak truth to power so that power might be used to promote what is good. So let’s live out our roles as God’s people.

So how did you feel about tonight?

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  1. sonja says:

    Hi Jr,
    thank u for sharing the link of the’ prayer for Obama’
    I like the thought of to ‘be a priest or a prophet’,
    With psalm 65 a psalm of David i like to praise God for this new president
    and even lift it up as a prayer for the years still to come.

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