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Paul for Tomorrow’s World – N.T. Wright

I was able to briefly meet N.T. Wright when he was in town last month. I went to his talk in Pasadena on New Creation and Christian Virtue, as well as the couple talks that he did on 2.28.09 at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, CA.

Below are my tweets from the talks at St. Andrews and you can now listen to the audios from St. Andrews entitled Paul for Tomorrows World.  Enjoy.

“Heaven is important, but it’s not the end of the world.”

“Judgment for some sounds like an angry God, but faced with death, decay and evil, if he does not say ‘no’, He is not a good God.”

“Judgment and creation are the two great poles of Jewish thinking.  Judgment is good, God is coming to sort the world out.”

“St. Paul talks about the kingdom of God in many places, including Acts 19,20,28 and I Cor. 15”

“The point of the resurrection is not – He is alive there for we go to heaven – the point is God’s New Creation has come.”

“What has happened in the resurrection is that the New Age has broken into the old age, God has launched the New Creation.”

“I Cor. 15:20-28 is Paul’s vision of the kingdom of God, and I Cor. 15 is the apex of the whole letter.”

“The kingdom of God is about the transformative healing of this world, not an escape from this world – “all things in subjection..”

“Death is the denial of the goodness of creation.  Resurrection is a sharp way to talk about the defeat of death.”

“This world is just a shadow of it’s future self. When heaven and earth are joined together, then we will see where we are going”

“Faith, hope and love are the signs that we are already living in the New Creation.”

“Love is not our duty, it is our destiny.  It is the language of our destiny.”

“The temple filled with the glory of God is an advance sign of what God wants to do with the whole world.”

“Christ in You the hope of glory. Plural. Paul is planting churches, temples of the living God filled the world with his glory.”

“Tension in the early church, those who wanted to rule the world and those who wanted to renounce it.”

“We have drawn back from the vocation of Romans 5:17, this doesn’t mean triumphalism, but humbly reflecting God’s glory.”

“Rom. 6-8 is not just me and my salvation, my sanctification, but the redeemed people through whom God will rescue the world.”

“Romans 8, the whole creation groans to be released.”

“Death is the last weapon of the tyrant. Resurrection says the tyrants power is broken and shows God is running this show.”

“Eph. 1 is a cosmic vision rooted in the Jewish story of election and exodus re-shaped by Jesus.”

“Paul’s gospel of Jesus Christ as Lord is the message of the kingdom.”

“Rom. 14 – we must learn the difference between the differences that make a difference and the differences that don’t.”

“On Politics.  The church shoudl collaborate without compromise, critique without dualism.”

“On women in ministry – John 20, Jesus commissions a woman to speak of resurrection, the first apostle to the apostles.”

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