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Fight Clubs – Gospel Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson

fight-clubs-graphic_2My friend Jonathan Dodson’s booklet entitled Fight Club is available now at Resurgence. Jonathan is a church planter in Austin, Texas and is a man who lives out what he writes about. I have appreciated his blog(s) [Creation Project/Church Planting Novice] over the years and am exciting about checking out this new resource, that he is making available to us all at no cost. The last time I was in Austin, I was able to connect with Jonathan and a bunch of church planters in the city. I really enjoyed the time and was greatly encouraged by what God is doing in and through Jonathan.

Below is the summary of his new booklet as well as table of contents.  Check it out and let me know what you think of it.

If you’ve struggled to follow Jesus by veering away from the gospel into duty-bound legalism or moralistic indifference, then this book is for you! Fight Clubs is a radical call to fight the fight of faith in the strength of the gospel. Jonathan Dodson calls us to join the fight against sin, legalism, and license by looking to Christ and His gospel. Fight Clubs equips us to fight the fight of faith by exposing the fleeting promises of sin and drawing us into the grace-saturated promises of God. Displacing defective forms of discipleship, Dodson keeps the gospel central by tapping into various layers of biblical motivations that promote joyful obedience to Christ. The book also provides a strategy to fight sin as the church—small fighting communities called Fight Clubs. Read this book; form a fight club; and start fighting in the strength of the gospel.


1. Why Fight?: The Call to Fight
2. Fighting for the Church: The Failure of Accountability
3. How to Fight: Motivations for Discipleship
4. Fighting with the Church: The Three Conversions of the Church
5. Fight Club: Practical Gospel-centered Discipleship

Appendix 1: Gospel-centered Questions to Ask
Appendix 2: Gospel-centered Resources

2 Responses to Fight Clubs – Gospel Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson

  1. Jerry Frey says:

    Is there anywhere to buy the real ( as in paper not electronic ) book “Fight Clubs” ?

  2. JR Woodward says:

    Hey Jerry,

    I don’t think so. But if you wanted to be sure, go as Jonathan Dodson the author at his website: http://jonathandodson.org/

    You will find other helpful things there as well. Hope that helps.

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