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Attention Church Planters: Here is a Training You Don’t Want to Miss

If you have just recently started a church, or are in the process of starting a church or thinking about starting a church, I want to tell you about a church planters training time that you don’t want to miss.

The name of this training time is called Aggelos – meaning one who is sent, a messenger from God and it is hosted by the Ecclesia Network. Ben Sternke, who attended last year, mentioned a lot of what I like about this training on his blog recently.  Here is the list:

  • There is a great balance between theological and practical training
  • Everyone stays in the same place (including the equippers/teachers), and there is room for a lot of informal conversation, like at meals and in the evening
  • It takes place in an ecumenical monastery where we participate in their prayer rhythms during the day
  • There are many teachers, each of the practitioners, sharing their perspectives, stories and life

This year’s training promises to be the best yet, because the quality of those helping to teach this year is rich. The equippers this year include Dave Fitch, Bob Hyatt, JR Briggs, Winn Collier, Brian Hopper and myself.  The training time is May 17 – 21 in Richmond, Virginia.  May 1st is the deadline to sign up, but I would sign up as soon as you are able.

You can learn more about the training and download a brochure at the Ecclesia Network site.

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