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From Landsdale, PA – A Suburb of Philadelphia

Landsdale, PA

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It’s close to 1 a.m. and I’m here in Landsdale, PA where I am conducting an assessment of a great missional church here. I was hoping to post an update on ViralHope today, but it will have to wait until a have a moment to breathe. It was a great week for ViralHope, so I’m really looking forward to posting an update.

When I am involved with a church assessment, it takes a lot of energy, because it requires a lot of listening. Listening to the Holy Spirit speak through the community. It requires a lot of discernment and wisdom as well.

I love doing assessments, because they always seem to be a huge help to a community. When it comes to church assessments, I generally assess these five areas:

  • Missional Assessment
  • Equipper Assessment
  • Ministry Assessment
  • Resource Assessment
  • Cultural Assessment

You can go to my .com site to learn more details about these five different areas that I assess. You can also learn about how I approach Church Planter assessments as well.

I’m looking forward to posting about ViralHope later this week, when I a moment of free time. Now I must go to bed. Another full day tomorrow here in Landsdale, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia, where people are excited about the Flyers win tonight and the fact they are going to the Stanley cup finals against the Chicago Blackhawks.

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