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ViralHope Update – July 5th, 2010

Here are some highlights about what has been happening with  ViralHope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs (and everything in between) recently, as well as what’s coming up.


•  ViralHope continues to have steady sales in different arena’s,  including sales to churches, sales through Amazon and the Ecclesia Press website.

•  More people have read through the book and have been encouraged and inspired by the book, as seen in the three latest reviews of ViralHope that you can find on Amazon.  There is Alan Hable’s review, Scott Nelson’s from Downer’s Grove, IL  and W. Hale from Chicago, IL.  Alan says in his review, “I was given this book by my pastor.  It wasn’t high on my reading list, but I was excited to have it on my shelf because I’ve heard JR speak a few times.  Pretty excellent.  I started to read it on a train ride to Chicago and couldn’t put it down.  The words jumped off the page to inspire my heart.  They spoke about the Gospel in a way I’ve heard before, but really loved to hear articulated again.”  If you have a copy of ViralHope and haven’t read it yet, pick it up, it will be hard to put down after you start reading. If you have read ViralHope and want to post a review, please post it on Amazon as well.

•  J. Fowler at Sustainable Traditions interviewed me about ViralHope.  You can check out the interview here.  Take some time to look around his site, it is filled with rich resources.

•  David Fitch writes an excellent article about ViralHope at his newly designed blog site.


• This coming Friday night, All About Happy Hour is hosting a book release party for ViralHope and Untamed in the LA area.  So if you live in the LA area, please come join Alan and Deb Hirsch, myself and others for this celebration.  Click here for more details of this book release party.

•  Filmmaker and designer, Aaron Nee of the Nee brothers, is finishing this really cool ViralHope video.  The approximate length of the video is 1 minute 40 seconds.  It may preview at this Friday’s book release party.  It will go viral on the web sometime in the next two weeks.

•  We have been working with a media group developing an official press release for ViralHope.  As soon as the video is finished, the press releases will go out to various newspapers, T.V. stations and radio stations.  Please be praying that there would be an interest to write up a story about the book.

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    Thanks for the shout out JR!

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