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Choice Blog Entries – Discipleship, Same-Sex Relations and Advisors


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People are writing some good stuff, so I’m here to point you to some of the good writing happening in the blogosphere. Here are three entries that are worth reading and reflecting on:

Mission and Discipleship
Len at NextReformation talks about the relationship between the two by using a bicycle illustration. Its a brief but good read.

Why Pre-Labeling A Church Community’s Stance on Same-Sex Relations is a Bad Idea
David Fitch at Reclaiming the Mission in sharing some deep and helpful stuff when it comes to how to approach same-sex relationships in the church. This is the second in a series of posts. Its worth the read and interaction.  Of course the whole series is promising.

Who Are Your “Trusted Advisors”?
Michael Hyatt, the Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Nelson Inc. at his blog shares a powerful lesson he learned the hard way when it comes to advisors. Check out his lessons and wise advice about how to discern advisors you can trust.

So which of these entries was helpful for you?

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  1. Arlene says:

    Quickly checking thru your blogs here ..mostly looking at the subjects posted and found this one on Trusted Advisors very helpful….a dear friend of mine is settling her parent’s estate and the info on this article(?) seems to hit the spot…any others you can recommend, please pass on….of course I had to copy & paste it to increase the font size to 16 for an easy read for her… in another way 🙂

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