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Focused Sessions @ Ecclesia National Gathering 2011

I’m looking forward to our (Ecclesia Network) National Gathering that is taking place this week in Washington, D.C.  The focus this year is spiritual formation for missional communities.  Todd Hunter and Marykate Morse are a couple of the speakers this year, along with Don Coleman and Cory Widmer.  On Thursday afternoon we will have some focused session tracks on various topics. Here is the run down of those focused sessions.  With a line up like this, I wish I could be in multiple places at once.

Preaching & Teaching as Spiritual Formation – guided by David Fitch
Leadership as Spiritual Formation – guided by Marykate Morse
Worship & Liturgy as Spiritual Formation
– guided by Todd Hunter
Mid-sized Communities as Spiritual Formation – guided by JR Woodward
Small Groups as Spiritual Formation – guided by Doug Paul
Justice as Spiritual Formation – guided by Corey Widmer and Don Coleman

Let me share with you in more detail the track that I will be leading.

Crucial to developing a discipleship culture in any congregation is the development and multiplication of mid-sized groups (20-50 people), or missional communities, though they go by many names.  In this track we will discuss four primary areas.  First, we will look at the theological and sociological reasons for the existence of missional communities.  Second, we will discuss practical ways that missional communities stay “on mission.” Third, we will look at the five-fold purpose of missional communities, understanding what makes them different than small groups or just a Bible study. Finally, we will discuss how missional communities can develop a communal rhythm of life together. In this track we will utilize participatory learning methods, so please come ready to engage by bringing your knowledge and experiences with you. In this way we will all learn together.

Thursday 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.   Missional Communities [Mid-sized Groups] – Part I
1. Theological and Social Reasons for Mid-sized Groups (30 min)
2. How Missional Communities Stay on Mission (30 min)

Thursday 2:45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. Missional Communities [Mid-sized Groups] – Part II
3. Purposes of Missional Communities (30 min)
4. Developing a Rhythm (or rule) of Life Together (30 min)

I hope to see you in D.C.  Shalom.

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  1. Doug Paul says:

    Looking forward to see you tomorrow, man!

  2. JR Woodward says:

    Yeah man. Are you going over to Aaron’s afterwards?

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