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From Street Kids to Missionaries

New Hope GiftIn 2009 I took a few friends to Kenya.  It was my fourth trip, but their first. We had come to do some work with the Solis Foundation and  the Un[embraced].  I brought a reporter, a film-maker, a couple of actresses and an IT guy with me.  It was a meaningful trip.

It was on this trip to Lodwar, Kenya, a small village in the NorthWest part of the country, that we discovered over a dozen street kids who lived in the local landfill, seeking to find food on a daily basis.  Aaron Nee took a couple of days to film the life of these kids.  You can see from the video here.

RachealWell, Rachael Dayne Swanson could not get these street kids off of her mind.  She wasn’t going to leave this town knowing the fate of these children.  So working in conjunction with local pastors and Share International, she started New Hope Children, where she took 14 kids out of the landfill and into a new life where they would have food, shelter, be educated, get counseling and supported on a long term basis.  By January 2010 they were ready to enter boarding school.

When they lived in the landfill, what do you imagine they thought about their life?  What were their dreams?  Well, now because of New Hope Children these children dream of being doctors, pastors and pilots.

PreacherNow fast forward to August of 2012.  Some of the local pastors took some of the new hope children to the streets of Lodwar, because they wanted share the gospel and their lives with their former fellow street children.  They shared the love of God and a pinneapple drink with them.

Living out the gospel has made a difference for these kids. It’s not everyday that street kids become preachers, but that is the kind of thing that happens when we live into our kingdom calling.  Watch the video below to catch the story behind the New Hope Children, and please consider getting something from the New Hope Catalog for Christmas.  Or maybe you just want to participate by sponsoring one of these children.

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