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From the Latest Reviews of “Creating a Missional Culture”

I’ve had the chance to travel to many cities over the last couple of months and many more people have taken the time to review Creating a Missional Culture. Below are some of the quotes from those reviews. You can find a list of reviews and interviews I’ve done on the book, a list of endorsements as well as an overview of the book and a free sample chapter. Consider getting a copy of the book for your pastor(s) and/or church leaders and yourself for Christmas. Now for some thoughts from recent readers.

“This may be the best book of congregational life I’ve read all year! – Byron Borger (Hearts and Mind Books, PN)

“I’ve had my fill of theories and lofty text book ideas. I’m at a point in my life and ministry where I’m looking to glean lessons from real life doers. My favorite parts of the book were the stories. Some of the stories were triumphant and some were mistakes, but at least they were of someone in the real world.” – Billy Mitchell, (Tribal Leader, St. Petersburg, FL)

“This is a book that needs to be absorbed slowly, talked about, then probably read again.” – Daniel Thompson (Pastor, Minneapolis, MN)

“It’s like the Starfish and the Spider for missional leaders.” – J.R. Briggs (Pastor, Philadelphia area)

“It is rare that a book comes along offering such timely insight into the cultural and theological climate of our (American/Western) culture… JR Woodward brings such a generous offering.” – Noah Strepo (Professor, Pastor, Antelope Valley, CA)

“This is one of the most thorough developments of the A.P.E.S.T. model available.” – Dr. Carlus Gupton (Professor, Knoxville, TN)

“This volume is an incredible feat of research, reflection and a veritable steal at this price!” – Duke Vipperman (Priest, Toronto, Canada)

“Get this book if you’re in the trenches, it’s an accessible text book on the missional frontier that is written with urgency, soaked in genuine experience .“ – Dan White Jr (Pastor, Syracuse, NY)

“JR’s alternative ways of living and being in community is indeed a soothing balm, one that has potential to heal much of the malaise underpinning our societal woes.” – Courtney Manrod (Facility Planner, Knoxville, TN)

“We adopted the polycentric leadership approach from the book in our ministry and now our community is exploding. We have seen a tremendous outbreak of people discovering that they were not meant to sit in a pew and consume, but are supposed to be equipped to participate together. Our attendance has doubled and we are seeing people get involved, take ownership, find their place and start being used.” – Eric Knopf (Entrepreneur, Sacramento, CA)

“This is the single book I’ve come across on missional leadership and power structures in the church. I highly recommend it for pastor, leaders, and seminarians – and anyone else interested in where the church needs to go.” – David Keasler (Church Planter, Miami, FL)

“I wish I had been able to read this book five years ago as we started in church planting. I’ll be using portions of it in my next class on “The Missional Imagination” … since I only have six weeks with these students and have to be very selective with the readings, that’s about as high praise as I can offer.” – Bret Wells (Missional Monk, Burleson, TX)

“As a sociologist by training, I thought JR’s definition of culture was spot on and his chapter on decentralized decision making and Trinitarian submission should be must reading for every missional leader seeking to serve the Kingdom.” – Joshua Lee Henry (Missional Coach, Fort Wayne, IN)

“If you are looking for a book that will help you gauge the culture of your church and if it is one that is really set up to reach out to the world around you, this is definitely a book worth reading.” – Joshua Reich (Pastor, Tucson, AZ)

“Creating a missional culture is a solid, theologically accurate and highly practical book on the need for a healthy culture in a church that naturally gives way to a discipleship movement and how to begin creating one.” – Stephen Gonzalez (Air Force, Sumter, SC)

“JR intelligently gave me a renewed imagination for culture-making in understanding what currently is and what God has revealed through His word, creation and the deep impulses of our soul. He brilliantly attaches language to leadership thoughts that have restlessly tumbled in me for years. Best money I’ve spent on boos in a long while.” – Paul Balwin (Church Planter, Mishawaka, IN)

“I trust JR Woodward’s work here because I know that he is a practitioner, a widely-read and careful thinking, who is passionate about God’s mission and the church. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is wondering how to cultivate “thriving, liberating, welcoming, healing and learning environments” in their church.” – Ty Grigg (Co-pastor, Chicago, IL)

“This is a real gift to the body of Christ.” – Jon Tyson (Pastor, NY, NY)

“JR Woodward’s remarkable book defies categorization. To ‘create a missional culture’ requires disciplined biblical and theological formation, discerning engagement with contemporary cultures, appreciative interaction with diverse resources and the courage to experiment and to innovate. Woodward does all that and more.” – Darrell Guder (Professor, Princeton, NJ)

“The church has encountered a serious gap in fulfilling its apostolic imagination. JR steps in as a visionary and provides a major breakthrough, showing us that the release of the missional church is dependent upon creating a missional culture. This book offers next steps for those of us who long to equip ordinary Christians for profoundly missional expressions of the church.” – Linda Berquist (Church Strategist, San Francisco, CA)

Consider buying a copy of Creating a Missional Culture: Equipping the Church for the Sake of the World for your Pastor(s) and/or leadership team for Christmas!

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