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This Week with Henri Nouwen

Van Gogh“Life is God’s initiative and can end or change suddenly, unexpectedly, and unpredictably. When we humans are ready to give up hope and resign ourselves to inevitability, God intervenes and reveals completely new beginnings. The resurrection of Jesus is God’s sign breaking through every form of human fatalism and despair. In every critical event, there is an opportunity for God to act creatively and reveal a deeper truth than what we see on the surface of things. God also can turn around critical incidents and seemingly hopeless situations in our lives and reveal light in darkness.” – Henri Nouwen

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  1. Riley says:

    Today in church we learned about how God has given us all of our possessions, and how important it is for us to use our gifts to glorify God. Seeing this quotation really reinforces that message, and it is so nice to remember.

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