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This Week with Henri Nouwen

Van Gogh“To enter into solidarity with a suffering person does not mean that we have to talk with that person about our own suffering.  Speaking about our own pain is seldom helpful for someone who is in pain.  A wounded healer is someone who can listen to a person in pain without having to speak about his or her own wounds. When we have lived through a painful depression, we can listen with great attentiveness and love to a depressed friend without mentioning our experiences.  Mostly it is better not to direct a suffering person’s attention to ourselves. We have to trust that our own bandaged wounds will allow us to listen to others with our whole beings.  That is healing.” – Henri Nouwen

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  1. arlenerauen says:

    Thanks for this post! I was just talking to a gal in Skid Row about this….People who really come along side others to be a presence in their healing…not the answer but just God’s presence thru them…they already know that it is not answers we all seek but a shoulder to lean on….may God raise up many grace filled “wounded healers”….may it include me 🙂

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